Traveling through Central Africa, journalist and Explorer of Africa, Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904) came face to face with the local aborigines. Having met the expedition, equipped with horses, the natives of the Congo told the famous traveler, what they have in the jungle inhabited by wild beasts, was very similar to his horses. Much-traveled Englishman was somewhat puzzled by this fact. After some negotiations in 1900, the British were finally able to purchase part of the skin of a mysterious beast in the local population and send them to the Royal Zoological society in London, where the unknown animal was given the name “the Johnston Horse” (Equus johnstoni), we have defined it to the family equidae. But what was their surprise when a year later managed to get a skin and two skulls of the unknown beast, and discover that It’s more like dwarf giraffe ice age. Only in 1909 was able to catch a live specimen of the Okapi.