Advanced Technology to Increase Livestock Profits

Most feed manufacturers provide a variety of feed and supplements for livestock. High-quality feed, proper nutrition, and a balanced diet can result in weight gain, the perfect balance between fat and meat, and higher profits. The issue for most farmers is that grasses and grains lack the nutritional content it once had. Livestock could get all the vitamins and minerals needed with natural grazing. That is no longer the case, due to the increase in ground water contamination, genetically modified seeds, and changes in pesticides used for nearby crops. Many types of feeds also contain a higher amount of fillers and lower quality ingredients to keep costs down for customers, and maintain a specific profit margin for the companies.

New supplements and products are being developed and introduced to the market at an overwhelming rate. It may be difficult for farmers and ranchers to distinguish between mediocre supplements and those of high-quality. One way to determine the quality of a new product is to consider other products in the line. If other products have been successful, review well, and have a track record of results, it is likely the new product will perform well. New products from an unfamiliar brand will require a little research. One manufacturer that has experience in the feed industry has begun to expand capabilities. Custom spray drying and blending ingredients for the feed industry is a specialty, but years of research and development into new formulas has resulted in the introduction of a new protein supplement called GP Pro+.

The product is formulated for all animals and has tested particularly well among pigs and sows. The increase in nutrition leads to faster intake and weight gain. Lean muscle is more prevalent, which increases the return on the investment for pig and sow operations. The advanced technology utilized in producing the supplement is ushering in a new expansion of capabilities for the company. A deer framing supplement is also newly available. . Go online to see the complete details on testing results for both new supplement products. In addition to supplements and custom blending and packaging, the logistics department is expanding as well. Distribution services already extends to forty countries. Sales, storage, and warehousing services are also growing.