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Understanding the Kinds of Interest Rates Available In the old days, you used to be able to call a lender, give them a note amount and term, and get a quote. No questions asked. It just happened. Comparison of interest rates were also very easy then. However it is not that easy today. In fact, say you’ve got two customers buying identical homes in a development. Moreover, the two customers may be given different interest rate quotes. Even if they have the same credit score. That’s because you’re granted different discounts or assessed with different cost additions for various aspects of your lending profile. Taking different types of loans may also be a major factor driving this, one client may pick a Federal Housing Administration loan while the other may take a conventional loan. This is facilitated by the fact that with a FHA with a credit score of 620 no additions and discounts are added. But, dip below a 620 and there will be quite a pricing differential. The higher ones credit score, the higher the discounts that one gets when using a conventional loan. A client with 720 credit score, has a higher discount than the one with a credit score of 620. To be able to quote a conventional loan, an individual needs to be able to understand how to read a chart.
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Another big factor is loan size. Big loans attract high discounts. It may be very costly for an individual to finance a smaller loan.
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Another big difference in interest rates available is the buyer’s intention for the property. If it’s a primary residence or a second home, one gets a better rate than if it’s an investment property. This is based on the fact that it is considered that it is very unlikely for an individual to stop paying for their personal property. As observed before, the type of loan taken matters too. There is a difference in the various types of rates available; that is the rural housing rates, conventional rates, VA rates among others. Despite the fact that the two people may be buying the same house. Some loans are only for a specific group of people for example, it is only the veterans or their wives get this loan. The conditions for getting a rural housing loan is that one should not be making too much money and they should be in a specific ZIP code. It is important to understand that our choices sometimes are always limited. It is important to understand that even when the interest rates are the same the payments may be different. For those mortgages that require insurance, the monthly premiums also differ. It is very vital for one to be patient before considering a loan program. Patience is required before considering payments and loan programs. All options should be explored.